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UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

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A great digital experience lies in the macro and micro details of the design. It begins with understanding your business goals and your user’s needs, and ends with combining the two into an amazing user experience.

A powerful UI/UX design bridges the gap between the human brain and digital product. We employ best practices across diverse fields such as visual design, information architecture, usability, and interaction design for creation of excellent user interfaces that help you stand apart from the competition.

We understand that when users look for some information on your website, they want themselves to be able to find it fast. Our seasoned information architects organize information into logical structures to make it easily accessible to your users. Another important thing we are well aware of is that interaction design has to be appealing, yet simple for users to easily interact with your website or application. We identify and design the interactions your users might have with your products online.

What gives a face to your brand is the visual design. Our visual designers have in-depth understanding of business environments. They comprehend your needs and come up with innovative solutions.


Limelight Leads UI/UX service offers:

  • UX strategy development
  • Product conceptualization
  • Usability assessment and improvement
  • UX design and development support

We can create your entire UI/UX from scratch. By understanding your business, customers, and market, we prioritize your business goals and design UX accordingly to ensure that your UI/UX design effectively fulfills the intended purpose.

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