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With a large number of businesses out there competing for online recognition and acceptance, online promotion has never been more important, and Search Engine Marketing is one of the perfect ways to advertise your products and services and grow your business. Unlike SEO, which deals chiefly in unpaid web index optimization, SEM employs paid-for marketing techniques like PPC (pay-per-click) and CPC (cost-per-click) to enhance your marketability.

At its core, PPC concerns premium online advertisements, and its business design works with advertisers paying search engines any time a visitor performs a legitimate click-through on their post. It provides businesses the opportunity to become noticeable within the search results right away and allows the advertiser to gain complete control over the keywords, budget and adverts. Consequently, CPC can be thought of as the cost and rate of return on PPC advertisements, with the goal being to convert traffic from this channel into positive financial leverage.

At Limelight Leads, we comprehend every business is not the same and hence delivering the same cookie-cutter service to all would not benefit anyone. This is why we will devise and monitor a PPC and CPC management plan that best suits you. We are committed to deliver outstanding individualized service that effectively caters to your needs. We operate with a single ideology in mind—to deliver strong return on investment, ensuring excellent account management.

Our services operate by growing your long-term web assets without compromising on short-term results. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we help you build traffic within your online presence, enhance your visibility among current and potential customers, and to ensure that our services offer you real results, we maintain the right balance between paid and organic search. Besides, we continuously measure performance and adapt Search Engine Marketing strategy accordingly.

Frankly, we’re all about you getting more bang for your buck.

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