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Limelight Express
All aboard the Limelight Express, our nonstop train to success—oh, and folks, you’re in for more than a one-way ride. The truth of the matter is that relying on a single marketing avenue to drive your business is the quickest recipe for disaster. See, Limelight Express is our way of ensuring your products and services live in multiple indexes and directories as we diversify your lead sources, enhance your exposure and increase your sales. You name it, we’re on it: Facebook posts, Tweets, Craigslist ads, Backpage listings, LinkedIn connections and numerous other promotional tools from free sites and directories, all of which will not only bolster your publicity but also help improve your SEO and Google ranking.
Don’t worry, we’ve found the winning combination and the perfect complement to your business, and it lies with free classifieds, article submission and social media, which executed altogether, and successfully, will encourage external sites to link your content. In conducting our proven marketing strategies and content enrichment techniques, we will build your external links repertoire. Limelight Express is made for speed and efficiency, and with our winning plan of action your brand will grow, your rapport will soar to new heights and your return will be outstanding.

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