Lead Generation: 5 Quick Tips

Lead Generation: 5 Quick Tips

Be you in your business’s infancy or homing in on that Fortune 500 spot, lead generation is a bona fide constant in business success. So without further adieu, here are five quick tips anyone can use to increase lead volume and improve generation:

1. Know yourself. – Nothing’s as unsettling, and not to mention frustrating, to the consumer, than a business with identity issues. Think about it: how many Joe Schmoe sites—you know, the type that are difficult to navigate and even harder to follow—are sitting in your bookmarks? Better yet, how many do you shop from or trade services with on a regular basis? Our guess is next to none.

That’s why business should only start when you know exactly who you are; until then, it’s wise to keep the doors closed. Frankly, if consumers can understand you right from the jump, that is, what your product or services are, how you are purchase worthy and, ultimately, why you exist, you’re putting yourself in the most advantageous position possible. Remember: leads begin and end with you. The more you know yourself, the more others will know you.

2. Hit’em where it hurts.
– Sure, it’s smart to capitalize on the myriad of available online classifieds, both free and paid-for, but it’s even smarter to concentrate your efforts on a select few. Certain forums are bound to meet your needs more efficiently than others; to learn which ones these are will, of course, require trial and error.

But once you’ve discovered where your leads live, it makes the most sense to cut the fat. You’re a business, and as a business, you invest if and only if, the return is valuable. Consolidating your platforms will not only save you resources like time, money and energy, but will also help you become a more intelligent marketer.

3. Involve your audience. – As a business, truly no other tool today is more your friend than social media. Get it? Your friend…social media? Okay, bad pun. But in all seriousness, it behooves you to use social media often and appropriately to involve your audience in your business. And before you ask, “Well, what’s appropriate?” we’ll tell you.

Appropriate social media marketing can refer to a number of aspects, although for this quick tip our interest lies with two strategies: social listening and hassle-free information sharing. Now, when companies employ social listening tactics, they exploit the open, dialogic nature of social media to determine and heed what their stakeholders are thinking.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (sorry, another bad pun) act as conduits to consumer thoughts, feelings and behaviors. With that kind of intel at your disposal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make headway with your audience, time and time again. More often than not, careful listening translates into thoughtful dialogues that can prove profitable for both parties.

Likewise, businesses whose social media profiles exercise hassle-free information sharing are the ones best poised for success by making their publics smarter consumers. In consistently posting content that contains value relevant to your market without the added pressure of a pitch, research has shown you can definitely anticipate a measure of customer conversion. Updates with utility…they’re a beautiful thing for you and your followers.

4. Refresh routinely.
– Make it a routine to refresh your content frequently, or pay the piper. That’s right: Organic search engines like Google and Bing have a habit of repeatedly changing their algorithms, and if you’re to keep your ranking, and consequently, your lead volume from plummeting into oblivion, you’ve got to revamp your substance regularly.

Add new keywords, unite with additional high authority sites or perhaps rewrite your content from scratch. The point is, you want to keep from going stale. Seems like a real bother, we know. But having to refresh to stay relevant actually pays dividends to everyone, compelling you to find better ways to reach your audience, and, ergo, increasing the likelihood that they’ll find you.

5. Have a face. – Oh, don’t be silly. We know you have a face…or do we? Come to think of it, do your clients know? Can they even put a name to you or remember you among your competitors? We feel this is a legitimate line of questioning as the world’s greatest businesses share the understanding that a personable and hands-on attitude with consumers will free you from the mold of mediocrity.

Simply being accessible for a phone call, an email, a video consultation or, if possible, a luncheon, will bolster your reputation and reassure your customers that you cherish them. Reviews, whether online or by word-of-mouth, travel fast; let others catch wind that you’ve got a face and your leads won’t stop piling on.