If you cannot do SEO for your brand, switch to Local SEO

If you cannot do SEO for your brand, switch to Local SEO

A lot of companies, specifically mid-sized multi-location brands, can’t get their acts together to do national Search Engine Optimization. They might have an in-house SEO team or may have hired an SEO consultant, but still aren’t able to effectively work on it.

Are you one of those companies facing challenges getting traction for your company because of bureaucratic red tape? If Yes, now is the time to switch from National SEO to Local SEO.

It’s easier to execute local SEO campaign

You need not have multiple stakeholders from within the organization to do Local SEO. This does not mean you do not require anyone’s help to get your Local SEO campaign off the ground. Co-ordinate with your local experts to verify your business listing. What it does mean is you can get significant traction from local optimization without involving a PR or taking up time from other internal teams.

Make sure to optimize the website for local queries. Focus on off-page local SEO factors such as local link building and local citations for better results.

There’s abundant low-hanging fruit

Usually, for B2B companies there is no other place to go but up. People do not pay attention to the state of their location information on the web. Companies move, re-brand, change phone numbers, close and when this happens, no one bothers to clean this information on Google, local citation sites and elsewhere.

This can have adverse effect on your local and non-local rankings. It’s true for a company that has multiple locations that don’t appear on local citation sites. By adding new listings to these sites, you can get hundreds, if not thousands of backlinks to your company’s website.

The competition is less

Local queries are relatively competitive than national queries for multi-location brands. Companies with multiple location have competitive edge over single location companies as each location can serve as a source of citation backlinks. This in turn helps every other location to rank in local packs.

Optimizing local citations can benefit your business if a right approach is executed.

Local SEO success justifies national SEO budget

The great way to overcome SEO inertia is to show that search engine optimization Connecticut works. You can prove what you can do. So, concentrate on what you can do, that is, Local SEO and point the way toward ROI for all Search Engine Optimization efforts. Remember, if you suffer from SEO inertia for more than four months, it is the time to consult your local SEO consultant.

Just because Local SEO can work for your small, local business does not mean you can sit back and relax. You need to be active and consistently test your strategy against the results to decide whether it is working for you or not. Remember, Local SEO can be a quick path to SEO success for a business with small local presence if a right approach is followed. You can always seek help of SEO experts Connecticut if you think SEO is not your cup of tea.