Do not simplify for the wrong reasons

Do not simplify for the wrong reasons

The trend of flat UI has increased over a few years – No interface and Hiding Navigation Menus. Simplifying is good only when the entire concept is well thought out and properly executed. Making a product which is too simple can be deceptive and turn out to be sterile.

Hiding navigation menus

Reduce the number of clicks to as few as possible to deliver a great user experience. While it is sensible to have a menu icon on mobile, because of the lack of screen space, implementing the same concept for desktop and tablets does not make sense. A good navigation is what keeps the menu simple. It is better to have 3 items or less alongside the logo. Make frequent use of such items.

Hiding navigation menu would not only require an extra click but also take up an important menu item. For the web, have a drop down menu to display your menu items. Making things visible increases the probability that your users will browse and use your menus. Hide, only if there is clutter.

Flat UI

Although a flat user interface simplifies the visual richness, it takes a toll on the clarity of crucial design elements like buttons. Moreover, it does not count on real life metaphors that people are aware of. Use good metaphors like physics, sound, animation, and gestures.

A button is the simplest metaphor. Buttons are everywhere – be it your home’s door bell or a home button of your phone. Design your buttons such that they stand out. Consider applying gradients or flat colors. No matter what style you choose, remember that it is clarity which matters the most. Have an in-depth understanding of colors if you are going flat. On the contrary, if you are going realistic, work on gradients and shadows. Whether you are developing a mobile app or into web portal development, make your design functional and clear.

No interface

Simplifying an interface to an extent that there is no interface can be beneficial, but it might come with certain cost. The false positives are the danger of no interface. For example, Google provides information after guessing who you are. But what when the guesses aren’t right? It can get really frustrating. Accuracy takes the top place when it comes to earning a user’s trust.

Good design is best described by its honesty and honesty is synonymous to trust. Things get more simplified for users when they know how a button is going to work. Users have a great experience using a beautiful interface.

It would not be right to say that no interface will never happen. It will happen when technology is able to guess at a 100% accuracy. When using a specific design principle, make sure not to compromise on other principles like honesty and clarity.

A great User Interface is what adds value to your product. Make it as easy as possible, but don’t make it simpler. If you are a novice, it is better to seek professional services for UX design CT or anywhere across the globe. UX design experts can comprehend your needs and work out an incredible interface to satisfy your users.