Dear LeBron James and the Kneelers |

Dear LeBron James and the Kneelers

Dear LeBron James and the Kneelers

Make A Positive Contribution

In his UNINTERRUPTED post on September 23rd, LeBron James said, “We all know how much sports brings us together, how much passion it has, how much we love and care, and the friendships and everything that it creates. For him to try to use this platform to divide us even more, it’s not something I could stand for and it’s not something I could be quiet about.

”Dear LeBron, I know you have a high IQ on the basketball court, but I am fairly certain that it does not extend to all facets of life. To be this naïve is embarrassing: Do you really not see who started using this platform to divide us? That’s right, Colin Kaepernick and the kneelers. And as they kneeled, and continue to kneel, President Trump simply spoke what is on the minds of the majority of the 60,000 fans who stand, with his punchy, and admittedly, uncouth, “Get those SOBS off the field” remarks. Nevertheless, Trump made the NFL aware that their business will suffer if they do not support and respect the paying fans.

Why didn’t you speak up when Colin originally tried to divide us? Do you think fans want to see a person playing a game, making more than 20x their salary and bringing a civil rights protest to their enjoyment? I mean you said it yourself! How sports “brings us together” and how many “friendships [and opportunities] it creates.” The hypocrisy is unreal. See, LeBron, this is the problem with many people in life. Either they do not have the brain capacity to understand many perspectives, or they have not been trained properly. They do not understand moral reasoning unless it pertains to their own satisfaction.

Sure. If you were kneeling because your legs hurt or you were not feeling well, most people would not have a problem. What standing for the Anthem represents is respect for your nation, love for your country and the place you want to call home. Some people decided they are going to redefine the definition of the anthem and protest police brutality at a private business, where people pay top dollar to have entertainment and enjoyment. Common sense would say bring the issues to the appropriate locations. Want to protest police brutality? I’m all for it! But bring your demonstrations, time and resources to the steps outside police departments. And the same rings true for any gripe with Trump: If you want to protest the indignities you believe to exist, head down to D.C. and make your voice be heard where it COUNTS.

Of course, people have the free decision to kneel or stand. Fans can simply leave and force the business to suffer. Then owners can implement a stand policy and fire players who do not obey or players can quit because they do not like the rule. If the NFL allows them to kneel, eventually sponsors and fan will stop supporting. Business suffers tragically! If they fire and/or players quit, they will be replaced and more than likely will be the NFL’s best solution for business.

See LeBron, just like that misinformed protester ranting outside the Cowboys stadium at Jerry Jones, or a narrow-minded misinformed Michael Wilbon saying “plantation”, people simply just do not get it! Businesses are allowed to regulate their workers’ behaviors. The Constitution allows private companies to regulate speech and even to bar political discussion. The first amendment allows freedom of speech, but it does not pertain to the private work environment. Business owners can terminate or retaliate against employees for their speech in the workplace.

Just like a beauty salon who fires an employee who smokes in the salon, pushing patrons away…or a fine dining restaurant owner who fires a waiter with dirty hands and nails which is forcing patrons not to dine in the restaurant. The owners have the right to protect their business. You would think someone of Michael Wilbon’s stature could understand this unwritten rule. Case in point, people can excel, just not at all facets of life.

Outside of sports there will always be issues and struggles in life to overcome, but like you said before you had a brain fart. So why did you elect not to speak up last year when Colin tried to cause this division?

Now LeBron, you are the one who tried to make this a Trump thing, rather than Colin’s original purpose of combatting police brutality. Let me start off by saying, on the matter of this misperceived race issue, more people than not are tired of hearing it. In all my experiences from growing up I see more racism from blacks on whites than whites on black (and yes, I’ll admit I have not visited the entire world). But there are various surveys that support my statement. What people fail to understand is that racism, and discrimination, will always exist whether it concern being black, white, green, fat, ugly, old, etc. People will always have things they do not like and views that they consider right.

But when is the playing black race card going to end? Do you not see how many misinformed White Supremacists show up at their recent rallies? There were less than 300 supporters of the roughly or more than 240,000,000 whites in the US. That is .00000125% support. Do you realize how tiny of a percentage that is compared to the criminals of that Black Lives Matter that vandalized the city of Ferguson? Do you really need me to do the math to see the enormity? Why would misinformed narrow-minded Cris Carter continue to refer to the “whites” on national television speaking against the overwhelming majority of whites supporting equality?

Again LeBron, you want to be a political influencer, but you can’t just speak up on one side without recognizing some wrong from the other. Look what steamed-rolled the Black Lives Matter movement. Where was your voice during all that? I mean, if Michael Brown was a white guy, that robbed a convenient store, assaulted the clerk, and proceeded to try to assault a police officer, do you know what most people would have said? Well, he robbed a store, assaulted a clerk, and punched a cop…when you play with fire sometimes you get burned.

What did the majority of the Black Lives Matter community do? They burned buildings, vandalized the streets and destroyed the city of Ferguson. Where were you to say, “People this is unreasonable, I cannot sit back any longer. Why are we hurting our people who did not have anything to do with Michael Brown’s mistakes”? LeBron, it is truly unfair for you to be so biased. We are all one: but someone with your celebrity status should encourage us to work on solutions for our nation’s issues instead of adding fuel to the fire. Why didn’t you make a stand then and speak up to the small percentage of the black community and others, basically criminals, destroying the city of Ferguson and many innocent people’s property?

LeBron, are blacks really oppressed? Italians, Asians, and Mexicans: are they oppressed? I have never seen them become a U.S. President. How about Arabics? Whether they are on a plane, train or sitting in the park they get profiled as a possible terrorist and they face cultural racism because of some unfortunate people using their religion to inflict harm on innocent people. People discriminate against older people, different sexualities, ethnicities, religions and many other things. How consumed would our lives be if these groups decided to protest at work until their satisfactions were met?

Whether you are a bouncer, restaurant owner, a train conductor or a person within any occupation, you will always find some vain or misinformed jerk treating you unfairly, demoralizing or speaking to you in a condescending tone. These people get in a position where they think they are above others and should be respected that way. They are in every industry, and they will always exist.

LeBron, look how vain and selfish you can be! I am sure you thought it was important to announce your “Decision” in a very egotistical way. You did not feel there was a need to inform your teammates, coach or owner of your decision. You thought it was better to have suspense, stand out and support your ego, consequently breaking many friends and Clevelanders’ hearts. You were so consumed about how important you needed to feel rather than how your decision would negatively affect so many people who adored you. Where was your moral compass to subtlety inform close teammates and fans that you thought it was in your best interest to leave? What about when you went on-the-air to publicly announce you are the best player on earth and your constant reminder that you need to lead YOUR soldiers, YOUR teammates, and YOUR team. LeBron you are a person who can play basketball, but you speak as if you are larger than life.

The same way you get these personalities in your industry, you also get them in the police department, bars, brokerages, etc. I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but truly: You are going to run into a small percentage of egotistical, vain, narrow-minded individuals who think they are more important and demand to be recognized as such everywhere. Many people whether it is Cris Carter, (who is a very narrow-minded thinker) or deplorable White Supremacists, just cannot change their moral perceptions. They can only see black or white answers that give them the illusion that they have ALL the answers.

Parents, guardians, and influencers will always have a huge impact on the youthful children. Whether they are crying racism or yelling that cops are bad, we will always have discrimination issues. So many people today are growing up in households and environments where they are force-fed misinformation, ignorance and negativity on important issues in society, which can make it difficult to overcome. Your mind is so occupied with work, bills and kids when you get older, there is not enough time to make sense of things.

How many families grow up imparting bad sentiments to and instilling poor values in their children? On both sides, you hear families telling their kids, “White people are racist” or “Black people are no good” and of course it’s wrong! But kids also live in environments that are denigrating the law. They hear things their entire childhood such as “police are pigs,” “f*** the police,” and “here come the police,” which teaches kids that police are bad. Nothing could be further from the truth! The majority of law enforcement have great intentions.

Sure, I agree: We need to develop a better system of processes and procedures to have police officers screened, tested to a criteria for a set of commonplace, conscientious values, and provided more education on dealing with the Black community issues. We can certainly look to resolve people’s issues by improving police engagement and less use of deadly force. This will not only reduce bad hires, but ultimately reduce the use of excessive force.

In the meantime, we should teach all people, regardless of race, who get pulled over or run into a police officer, to work on being more respectful and non-argumentative. African-Americans are 14.5% of the population, but there is 5.1x the rate of blacks to whites in prison. We need to teach all types of people to be more respectful to police and to abide by the rules. Yes, many police officers can be stern, condescending and leave a bad taste in our mouths. But the Black community thinks they are the only ones to experience egotistical, condescending officers, when in fact, we all experience it. Before I matured, I was a very aggressive driver (many times while working), and I would venture to guess I had over 50 experiences dealing with officers. The majority of the time, these encounters left a very bad taste in my mouth. But I’ve learned to liken the police to the drill sergeant, the principal, the authority figure, and we must all learn to swallow our pride and de-escalate situations. You do not talk trash like you are on the basketball court. Police do not know if they are dealing with a good person or a murderer, and polite answers will ultimately be the best solution. If people work on being respectful, then we can help build the Black community’s reputation when dealing with police officers, and hopefully this will encourage officers to be less defensive and more effective communicators during their encounters. If we as a nation can try to improve in these areas we will see very promising results.

Okay, so there are some bad apples with egos and madness that slide through the job screening, but overall law enforcement are good courageous people. Their job is very difficult, stressful and they accept a responsibility that many people do not want to carry. People should be more sympathetic and respectful of that. “Hundreds and hundreds of rounds fired. Many people injured and dead, coming from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Resort Hotel.” LeBron, do you want to close in on that 32nd floor where it might be rigged with explosives? Do you want to be the officers who walk through that hotel room? Do you want to be the officer who responds to domestic disputes and gets shot in the head after he knocks on the door? No, you want to shoot the basketball and tip your hat to kneelers who are protesting against the very same policer officers who you call to escort you through traffic to get to the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert. LeBron, are you seriously this misinformed?

Ultimately, we need to get rid of ourselves of this Black victimization mentality. Not only are many Black people shaking their heads, but your ancestors are rolling over in their graves. If I were to walk in a Black man, an Arabic man, handicap, or mentally challenged man’s shoes, I would have a positive attitude to still have the opportunity to chase dreams and enjoy the gifts of life. People wear difficult shoes no matter what race they are. Hearing athletes speak out where 99.9999% of the population would love to have the treatment, approval and respect an athlete receives because he can shoot a basketball, hit a baseball, or score a touchdown is too ridiculous. These same athletes enjoy these benefits from youth to death. Any race, or any culture, would love to experience that degree of success, even just for one day. What people need to do, instead of crying about the things they do not have, is be thankful for what they do have and make positive strides for future generations. And when I say positive strides, I do not mean kneeling and causing division.

Common Sense Lacking

Do you really think the Houston Texans players needed to broadcast their meeting with owner, Bob McNair? Of course, McNair used a poor choose of words “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” McNair said of the protest movement. Does it take a rocket scientist to see that McNair was trying to make a point that you cannot let the students run the school? Common sense would suggest that he was making a point that you cannot surrender the power to those who you are leading. Of course, he used a very poor example, but the team cannot handle this internally? The NFL players have to whine, pout, and stir up more controversy when it was clear on the owner’s intentions. Again, very poor choose of words, but mishandled again by the lack of common sense of the players. Please, let the country concentrate on more important issues, then rich athletes crying about misuse of words.

LeBron, I am truly not trying demoralize you. Since your first Finals appearance with the Cavs, I have been arguing with people for years, that if I had to build a team, LeBron is my first pick. You are the only player in history that can play all 5 positions and be first team all-star at any position. Like I said in an earlier post, there was not one person who wanted Trump in office less than me, and there is not a person who validated you more as a first choice over any pick that ever existed. But, when you opened your mouth on your decision, and then you opened your mouth with your “best player on earth” comment and on several occasions with, “I need to lead my soldiers, I need to lead my team” I started to see how truly out of touch you are. Now you speak out on issues with the wrong point of view and a sense of self-importance. Like you felt a need to speak out, I felt a need to speak back. Obviously your brand is very profitable, but your common sense values have been slipping. Once again, with all your money, I would highly recommend hiring some common sense advisers; put the humble hat back on.

We do NOT have a race issue, we have an egotistic issue and a common sense awareness issue. As far as society is concerned, we are all equal. However, so many people think they are better than the next person. I have witnessed this among all ethnic backgrounds, as it occurs on an individual level and is amplified in poor bubble and groupthink. People believe they are superior, their ways are right, and they are a gift of life. For people who have the gift of moral logic or who were fortunate to learn, they do believe we are all equal. To better serve each other, we should stand together and learn ways to teach people that we are one, we are all equal, and we are to respect everyone’s values so long as we are not harming one another.

We need to teach our youth that we are all equal. Some of us have different talents and abilities. But we are no better than the person on our right or left . . . maybe just a little more fortunate than some. Kids need to learn whether you are born with a disability or a remarkable talent, it does not make you better than the next person. We really need to express this during early developing stages all the way through to adulthood and continue to influence these beliefs. We need to teach the young people not to be selfish. We need to really help them to develop a strong, very powerful moral conscience to better suit the world. If kids can learn to be unselfish, less vain and more appreciative of the value of living, maybe we can help prevent disasters like the Boston Marathon, Pulse, Mandalay Bay, Sutherland Springs Church, and more. We need to teach kids that just because they have different views or do not agree with others’ values, be they political or religious, stealing a life away can never be validated. People have one life, and as long as they are not imposing any physical harm, let them have the right to believe what they want.

You hear many Black people make statements that White people don’t want to acknowledge racism or something along the lines of “I can’t talk to white people on this subject.” There is some truth to that because the majority of the white population believes in equality. Although white population is more than 4x the black population, percentage-wise we are probably fairly close to who is more of a racist. There have been many studies that showed white people suffer more bias today than blacks. Not to mentions the fact white people and all people face discrimination issues, with regard to sexual orientation, mental or physical disabilities, being less attractive, education, social status, and the list goes on and on.

Many people don’t want to listen, especially to fortunate celebrities or to successful people complaining about what they don’t have or what “their people” lack. Whites or any race have their own issues of discrimination they struggle with and battle with every day of their life. Others are so consumed with challenges they face or create unrealistic expectations in their own mind, they cannot sympathize or relate to others’ issues. The bottom-line, is yes, black people have many people that may discriminate against them, but every race, gender, culture, religion, sexuality, and much more face judgement and negativity. Although society as a whole recognizes that we are all equal, people from all backgrounds judge or treat people in inferior ways. Whether it was instilled in them from the start, their brains cannot process, or they are far too egotistical.

People facing this bias cannot allow things to have a negative effect on their lives. Every community needs to wake up and be thankful for the opportunities they have, work to provide for themselves, chase dreams and aspirations, and ultimately enjoy things along the way. We all face challenges, but instead of giving up or inventing reasons why things are so difficult, find ways to make a positive contribution to all communities.

LeBron, if you want to make a positive contribution, it is time for you to wake up and open your eyes. Stop choosing a side and causing more friction. We already have to deal with the media influencers and how they constantly make a negative contribution to the issues at hand, to engage more readers. They too share some responsibility by reinforcing racism through news media. There is only one side, the American people. We need to positively promote equality and address all the underlying issues that stand as obstacles. We must do a better job of schooling on equality, respect for others’ beliefs and values, combatting narrow-mindedness/egos, acknowledging the many gifts of life, practicing common sense and personal responsibility and how to exercise the proper approach when dealing with an authority figure. This should be taught in preschool and reinforced our entire lives.

It is time for all of us to stand up! Players should not have to lose their jobs, NFL teams should not have to lose revenue, and fans should not have to lose out on entertainment. LeBron, everyone in The United States of America should be made to know that we are one. Let’s eliminate checking the boxes: White, Hispanic, Black, etc. If we want to eliminate race and these invented issues, we need to stop distinguishing each other. We are one race, and that is The Human Race!

Your Average Guy!


PS. Please, let’s move forward and stand tall on Sunday!