4 reasons why your business needs to embrace social media marketing

4 reasons why your business needs to embrace social media marketing

Social media has firmly secured its position in digital society. For many entrepreneurs, it’s the “next big thing”. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers stated that social media helped their business to grow, 80% indicating that their efforts increased traffic to their website.

When it comes to increasing sales, the potential for social media marketing is huge. However, having a better understanding of what social media marketing is actually capable of doing for your business can help achieve desired results.

Increased brand recognition

Every opportunity to publish and spread your content and increase your visibility is extremely important. Your social media networks are new channels to speak about your brand. Staying active on social media makes you more accessible for new customers, at the same time making you more familiar with your existing customers.

More opportunities come your way

Every single post made on social media paves way for an opportunity for customers to convert. Optimizing this opportunity, you will simultaneously have access to recent customers, old customers and new customers. Every time you post a blog, video or image, there is a possibility of someone reacting to it, and every reaction can result in site visit, ultimately leading to a conversion.

Although, not every interaction means a conversion, every positive interaction certainly increases the probability of an eventual conversion.

Increased inbound traffic

If social media marketing is not in your to-do list, your inbound traffic is limited to individuals who are already familiar with your brand and people searching for keywords you rank for. Every social media profile you create is a path leading the users to your site and every piece of content you post on these profiles is another opportunity to attract a new visitor. The more relevant and quality content you produce, the more inbound traffic you will generate, and remember, more traffic means more leads and conversions.

Improved search engine ranking

Search engine optimization is an ideal way to acquire relevant traffic from search engines, but there is no fixed success mantra. Regularly updating your blog, ensuring optimized title tags and meta descriptions and distributing back links to your site would no longer pay you off. Search engines might be calculating your rankings based on social media presence. Being active on social media makes your brand appear credible, legitimate and trustworthy to search engines. Simply put, if you want to rank for your targeted keywords, you cannot overlook the need to build your social media presence.

Social media marketing benefits small and large businesses alike. Businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways how social media can help their companies to grow and flourish. If you are still facing a dilemma to jump on the bandwagon, consider these benefits. The longer you wait, the more you lose. A right approach to social media marketing can result in more customers, more traffic and eventually more conversions. So, embrace social media to let your target audience know about your existence and increase customers for your business.