4 elements of a good website design

4 elements of a good website design

Every year, new elements in website design roll out. While some help create stories and convey a brand message, others improve how content appears on a particular device. Although it’s not necessary to incorporate every element of style in a website, most of them promoting good user experience can be used.

Out of multiple options to choose from, here are 4 elements that can be used to improve website’s performance.

Unique typography

A large number of companies use a particular typography or font to stand out among their competitors. Designers can now choose from plethora of fonts, which makes it easier for them to convey their message through typography.

When it comes to creating your company’s brand, the choice you make in terms of typography indicates subtle hints about your company. Make sure that the font you pick can be applied across different browsers and computers. Zeroing in on to a font that is not supported by common browsers means that your website is displayed awkwardly on different devices.

Responsive hero images

Large images help get rid of the concept of above or below the fold. It’s viable to work on images with text rather than focusing on social buttons since the former creates relatively stronger visual experience that encourages your visitors to scroll down and learn more.

More often than not, large hero images are used in the background along with text overlaid on top. Regardless of the approach utilized for website design, large images visually communicate your story without the need to rely on merely text.

In addition, responsive images help deliver great user experience. Your visitors get the same experience regardless of the device they are coming from.

Background videos

Videos, automatically playing in the background, can be a great element to improve website’s performance. Telling a story in an appealing way, they eliminate the need to include large amount of text required to explain your business.

Background videos intend to entice users coming to your page. Unlike heavy blocks of text which are usually not read by visitors, videos can be consumed quickly. The increasing connection speeds and growing number of mobile devices are making for enhanced video experiences.

Card design

The growing popularity of Pinterest has encouraged marketers and designers to use cards. These cards help distribute information in a visual way, enabling the visitors to utilize content with bite-sized pieces without any trouble. When different pieces of content is broken up into cards, users can decide upon the articles which they want to expand. This helps keep the homepage clean and organized.

When designing a website, paying attention to all these elements can help you to come up with a great website which is not only appealing, but also delivers good user experience.

However, website design demands experience, expertise, and an innovative approach. So, if you are seeking services for web design services Norwalk, it’s important to get in touch with seasoned professionals who can comprehend your needs and work on them to deliver an incredible website to entice your visitors.