4 design tips to improve the conversion rate of your website

4 design tips to improve the conversion rate of your website

An appealing website is crucial, but it is equally important to remember what your website is for – to convert visitors into leads. Your business will not generate desired revenue without this. More conversions produced by your website generate more revenue for your business.

For those having low conversion rate, here a 5 design tips that can help improve website conversion rate.

Go for responsive design

It is no secret that people now-a-days make increased use of mobile forms for diverse purposes. Be it shopping for a desired product or performing any transaction, mobile forms are used by people of all ages. A large amount of traffic comes from mobile devices and if you do not offer a pleasant mobile experience, you are losing a large base of customers.

A responsive website design fits any screen – desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, making all the features, pages and actions accessible, no matter which device the user is browsing on. Your customers would not like to try manipulating your mobile screen to access an offer or read the content. So, don’t forget to opt for responsive design to deliver that enhanced mobile experience to your users.

Say no to complex design

Earlier, web design trends were over the top – lots of animation and flash were popular and fashionable. But today, clean and simple designs are all the rage. Unlike previous years when brands used to go overboard to impress visitors with strange features, today they are keeping it clean and nice, knowing that this is what customers prefer now-a-days.

Impress your visitors with simple flat website design. Including unnecessary flash and animation not only bothers them, but also increases the load time of your website. Whatever you do, don’t overload your website with unnecessary features.

Keep the navigation simple

When customers come to your website, they expect to be able to find what they are seeking within the first few seconds. If they have to struggle finding the same, they are more likely to get frustrated and leave your website.

Keep your navigation as simple as possible. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too many options. Make sure to have a clear path to any action that you want your visitors to complete – be it a submission form or a particular destination page.

Make it easy for your potential customers to contact you

A phone call is always a great idea, but many customers would contact you through your website, especially when they are inquiring about your service. Make it easy for your potential customers to contact you. Have a simple contact form with all necessary fields so that your visitors need not fill out a lengthy form to contact you. Remember, the simple the form the better it is.

Conversion rate optimization is extremely important. Better conversion rate means more revenue for your business. So, keep your website design simple to deliver enhanced user experience and increase your conversion rate.